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Innovation Center  

Chester Housing Authority aims to inspire the spirit of entrepreneurship and expand skills in technology for residents in the City of Chester.  This is the first Entrepreneur Innovation Center in the City of Chester which supports youth and adults with skills to explore

e-commerce business models, digital design and marketing, branding, and start-up business support. 

Get to Know Us

The Entrepreneur Innovation Center contains four cutting edge rooms. These rooms include a music production studio, podcast studio, technoloy lab and an all purpose room which contains a finance lab, apparel design studio, and photography booth.

Apparel Design Studio

The Apparel Design Studio contains raw materials, a 3d printer, Cricut design machines and two heat presses. Cricut machines and heat press machines are both popular tools used in crafting and DIY projects. While they serve different purposes, they are often used together to create personalized and customized designs on various materials.

Music Production Studio

The music production studio will act as a catalyst for the creation, recording, mixing, and mastering of music. Additionally, students will learn how to market their music and engender brand awareness.

Photography Studio

The photography studio contains high end cameras which will allow students to gain skills in video broadcasting, video editng and the art of photography.

Podcast Room

The podcast room allows residents of the City of Chester to portray their diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. Podcasting provides a platform for creators to express their ideas, share their expertise, and explore topics they are passionate about.

Finance Lab

The Finance Lab will allow students to gain expertise in financial literacy, financial modeling, risk management. Thus, residents will be able to better manage and improve their finances both in the corporate world and personal finances

Technology Studio

The technology studio contains a multitude of computers in which students will learn computer science, graphic design and video editing.

Mission Statement

We believe that entrepreneurship in urban communities create jobs, reduce violence, and improve neighborhoods. We are committed to offering technical assistance to underrepresented groups to support business development, increase technology skills, and mentorship to start a business or gain skills for STEM careers.

Image by Fringer Cat
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