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Entrepreneur Innovation Academy
High School Students

We are excited to invite sophomore, junior, and senior students who attend school in the City of Chester to join the Entrepreneur Academy Enrichment Program at the Entrepreneur Innovation Center 611 Central Avenue in Chester, PA.

This is a hybrid course in which students attend zoom sessions, study on their own, and work on projects at the Entrepreneur Innovation Center.  The deadline to submit applications is March 1, 2024 .  We will only accept 25 students for this year’s program.  The program begins with a kick-off zoom meeting with all participants on March 5th.

Click here for the application:



The Entrepreneur Academy Enrichment Program is a unique and comprehensive initiative that offers a wide range of benefits to its participants.


By joining the Entrepreneur Academy program, students will gain access to:


Specialized Workshops: Our program includes a series of hands-on workshops and seminars conducted by industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, and seasoned business professionals. These sessions will cover a wide array of topics, including business planning, marketing, finance, and more.


Networking Opportunities: The Entrepreneur Academy Enrichment Program will connect you with a diverse group of like-minded students who share your passion for entrepreneurship. Building a strong network early in your career is essential for success in the business world.


Project Development: You will have the opportunity to work on real-world projects, putting your knowledge into practice and gaining valuable experience. These projects will challenge you to solve problems and think creatively, setting you up for future success as an entrepreneur.

Certificate in Entrepreneurship: Students have the opportunity to earn a industry standard Certificate in Entrepreneurship through our partner Stukent.   


To accept this invitation, please have students complete the attached application form and return it by December 20, 2023, to or call me at 610-733-2126.

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