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About the Founder of EIC
Marrea Walker-Smith

Marrea Walker-Smith is an entrepreneur and educator from humble beginnings.  With a disadvantaged background and limited resources, she overcame barriers to build a successful business through unwavering determination, resourcefulness, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. She holds a Bachelor of Political Science & History from Delaware State University (HBCU). Walker-Smith earned a master’s in public administration at Widener University and English & Publishing on Digital Design tract at Rosemont College. Currently, she is 1 out of 23 students selected on scholarship to the rigorous Master of Economics and Entrepreneurship for Educators at University of Delaware. Walker-Smith is the owner of a business consultant company (CEO Business Consultants), youth career exploration company (CEO Academy for Youth) and HEADLINE Sports Marketing Agency in which is she is one of a few licensed and bonded Athlete Agents in Pennsylvania. 


As a Business Teacher at the Devon Preparatory School in Devon, Pennsylvania, Marrea Walker-Smith was seeking experiential learning opportunities for her students. She was also looking for an opportunity to provide Entrepreneur and Technology skills for the residents in the City of Chester which is where she grew up.  Throughout the year, students in the Entrepreneur and Marketing courses at Devon Prep worked with Walker-Smith to design the first Entrepreneur Innovation Center in the City of Chester.  Jack Shaw, Senior at Devon Preparatory School, and intern at Chester Housing Authority inspired his peers to embrace the project.  Mark Bennett, James Kemm, Jason Dart, and Michael White volunteered their time and talents to design the Entrepreneur Center. Marrea Walker-Smith who is a graduate student at the University of Delaware, Center of Economics and Entrepreneurship for Educators was supported by faculty in developing curriculum and program model.  

Contact Us

Booker T. Washington Community Center

611 Central Avenue

Chester, PA 19013

610-904-1111 Ext 127

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